Cost Segregation – For Commercial Property Owners

Cost Segregation – For CPA’s and Tax Professionals

“NCSS…got me over $575,000 in additional depreciation…” – Dr. Nathaniel Z., MD

“This company does an outstanding job. Their service is excellent.” – Paul J.

'Cost Segregation is a lucrative tax strategy that should be used in almost every major purchase of commercial real estate.' - U.S. Treasury Dept., Wall Street Journal, June 2003

Get a Free Projection of Savings
Get a Free Projection of Savings

By not doing a Cost Seg Study on your commercial property, you are basically giving the IRS an interest free loan of money you could be using today instead!

We passionately assist commercial property owners in achieving substantial income tax savings and significantly increased cash flow. We assist, educate, empower, and encourage CPA’s and tax preparers to utilize this tax strategy on behalf of their clients with commercial holdings. Find out why we are your #1 choice for cost segregation services.

NCSS is a firm built on strong traditional values and we believe in doing the right thing every time. Our approach to our work is one of passion, experience, and quality. Our clients needs are our top priority and we fill those needs with industry leading technology, experience, service, and communication.
Our goal is to earn your business for life. From the moment you contact our firm, you will be treated with integrity and respect. We will deal with you honestly. We will return your phone calls and emails. We will provide fast turnaround and be flexible to best meet your needs. We will share expert advice and customize our services to your particular tax situation. In short, you will get the best we have to offer, whether you choose our firm or not.
“I was amazed that a cost segregation study could get me so much additional depreciation and tax savings from owning commercial property. My accountant referred me to NCSS when my business came under IRS audit. We had a previous cost segregation study done through another provider which began to crumble under pressure from the IRS auditor. I hired NCSS to perform a new engineer-based study to replace the old one. After speaking with NCSS, the auditor ‘acquiesced on all parts of the new cost segregation study’! By hiring NCSS to perform a cost segregation study, they were able to get me over $575,000 in additional depreciation above and beyond what the previous cost segregation study had already taken! That resulted in significant tax savings!” – Dr. Nathaniel Z. MD
“We have used other cost segregation firms in the past, but the quality of work we found with NCSS will have us call them again. Their workflow, from the time we engaged them to final delivery of the study, was seamless and professional in every way.” – Jonathan T., Principal
“We were very excited to see our tax benefits from the completed cost segregation study. We were pleased that your final numbers exceeded your projections; I was even more pleased at the benefits it would offer us. It was amazing that your firm was able to increase our depreciation deductions so dramatically to help us minimize our tax liability, all within the tax deadlines we were facing.” – William L., Chairman

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