Short Answer: Probably not.

It is important to understand that a well done Cost Segregation Study is a combination of tax law and engineering principles. A knowledgeable CPA can perform a cost segregation study, but without expertise in construction and engineering, CPAs are left performing an invoice-based cost segregation effort. This method is usually limited to reviewing mountains of paperwork, including invoiced purchases and contractor invoice line items. There is little assurance that even a majority of qualifying assets will be identified – let alone reclassified, thus leaving huge amounts of money on the table at a loss to the property holders.

Cost Ssegregation is our core competency. Think of it this way, if your accounting firm were a General Family Doctor, we would be Brain Surgeons. This is our main focus and we do it very well.

National Cost Segregation Services’ engineer-based studies apply the most accurate construction costing methods available in the industry. We utilize blue prints, plans and site inspections. Engineered studies are more comprehensive and offer greater audit protection by exceeding the rigorous documentation standards required by the IRS.

We work with several CPA’s and accounting firms throughout the country who refer us directly to their clients to provide cost segregation services. Our final product is a turn key solution for the accounting firm for easy application. We work closely with the CPA/tax preparer to benefit the client who owns the property. We do not replace the services your CPA provides.

We provide free projections so you can determine how beneficial a Cost Seg Study would be in your particular tax situation.