Yes you will.

Consider, however, the benefit of having your money now and being able to invest it in additional properties, building improvements, paying down debt, etc. The value of your dollar will continue to go down, so front-loading your depreciation deductions into the early years of ownership allows you to capitalize on the time value of money.

Think of it this way. If we gave you a check for 5 million dollars and gave you the choice of cashing it now, or cashing it 39 years from now, what would you choose? Most people would choose to have their money now. Contrast this to letting the government have your money now and investing it however they want. You WIN here every time! You’re are basically giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan of your hard earned dollar by not utilizing Cost Segregation…so would you rather pay yourself or the IRS?

A cost segregation study is also beneficial should the commercial property owner pass away or if the building is going to be sold in the future.

We provide free projections so you can determine how beneficial a Cost Seg Study would be in your particular tax situation.