Trent Erickson
Trent EricksonPartner and Tax Expert
Trent is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis in accounting. With 27+ years experience in accounting, income taxation, business tax consulting, taxpayer representation in IRS and governmental agency disputes and over 18 years in cost segregation services.

Trent grew up in a commercial construction family and has extensive construction experience. His background led him to the intriguing field of cost segregation. With his accounting experience and tax expertise, it became a perfect fit. By providing cost segregation services to his clients, Trent has been able to save his clients literally millions of tax dollars by accelerating depreciation periods using IRS approved standards.

Trent and his wife have 5 children. He is actively involved in Scouting programs and is a huge college football fan, especially for ASU Sundevils.

Quinette Dunn
Quinette DunnPartner and Tax Manager
Quinette is a member of American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals and holds a Business Degree. She has been passionately involved in the tax field for 30+ years. Not only does she run our tax department, she also oversees all daily operations and cost segregation projects from onset to final delivery. Much of this includes depreciation research and solutions; working with our sales department to ensure appropriate projections; coordinating engineers for site visits, scheduling, completion of projects and quality control.

Quinette is passionate about cost segregation and the many benefits it can yield. Her desire to help businesses and property owners maximize their tax savings is evident in her interactions with every client. She is a strong asset to our team.

Quinette loves spending time with her family, playing games and giving lots of hugs! She was heavily involved with volleyball as a collegiate volleyball scorekeeper and referee for over 20 years.

Chris Kilpatrick
Chris KilpatrickChief Engineering Officer
Chris is a member of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals and oversees our engineering and take-off departments…including site visits, cost estimating and all project engineering for every client. With 25+ years experience in construction and blueprint comprehension, Chris’s expertise is a powerful tool to identify and separate assets so qualifying property can be reallocated to a shorter class life.

His team of cost segregation engineers are proficient in meeting and exceeding all IRS requirements and maximizing taxpayer benefits. Our studies are fully engineered to provide the most accurate cost allocations available.

Chris and his team will find every asset that can be accelerated to a shorter class life right down to the very screws holding the faceplates on your electrical outlets.

Chris enjoys time with his family, friends and dogs. He is an experienced woodworker and enjoys time in the sand dunes riding quads.

Brandon Buchholzer
Brandon BuchholzerChief Commercial Officer
Brandon promotes the reach of our brand to real estate professionals and accounting firms across the nation. As the first point of contact, Brandon manages our client relations, sales and marketing departments, and general operations. With over 20 years in B to B and B to C sales, Brandon’s vast knowledge and experience is a strong asset to the team.

Brandon works closely with CPA clients and real estate professionals who have purchased, constructed, renovated, remodeled, restored, or expanded commercial property to help them realize the increased tax savings and cash flow benefits available to them by accelerating depreciation.

Brandon and his wife have 5 children. He’s a pianist and piano technician, an accomplished photographer, and enjoys family time, great movies, and weight training.

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The U.S. Treasury Dept. Stated, 'Cost Segregation is a lucrative tax strategy that should be used in almost every major purchase of commercial real estate.' - Wall Street Journal, June 2003
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