Brandon and his team were a pleasure to work with. The whole process was handled professionally and efficiently from start to finish. By working with this company we’re were able to defer a substantial amount of money this year and are already looking forward to working them again in the future!! HIGHLY recommend!
Steve P.
National Cost Segregation Services has done Real Estate cost segregation for me on 5 properties. Their team is efficient and professional and got me a huge tax break! For every dollar spend with NCSS I am getting back multiple dollars on my taxes, the return on investment couldn’t be easier. These guys are great!
Derek F.
Brandon was awesome every step of the way. The entire NCSS team has been a pleasure to work with. I am very grateful that my CPA suggested using cost segregation with NCSS. They delivered greater savings than I expected. I see this is the beginning of great relationship. Thank you Brandon and NCSS!
Seunghyun S.
Anyone who is looking for an incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive cost segregation company to assist them in saving thousands of dollars in taxes, I assure you that NCSS is your company. Brandon and his team are so professional and the nicest team of people who leave no questions unanswered and make you feel confident in the process every step of the way. My family and friends have used them several times and we cannot be more pleased with the amazing service we receive over and over again.
Amber M.

Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. So happy that my CPA introduced me the concept of Cost Segregation Study and this company to me, making it possible to save so much money. Definitely will use NCSS again. Highly recommended.

Jaehong G.
These guys are the REAL DEAL! We searched high and low and we found a lot of companies talk a big game but NCSS backs it up. They far exceeded our expectations. Super professional, very communicative thru the entire process, and saved us a small fortune. Would give TEN stars if we could. Thank you Brandon. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Authentic Autobody
Very helpful to maximize tax savings. Brandon and his team are very professional, helpful, and really available for questions. I am a repeat customer and have referred others who have been very pleased as well.
Alison A.
I have been working with NCSS for several years now and they have always been extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to do cost segregation!
Simon N.
We’ve done several cost seg studies with NCSS and they have always been excellent. They are a pleasure to work with and produce an excellent report.
Jeff R.

Brandon was a great, he was really responsive and explained everything every step of the way. This was a great recommendation by our accountant and we saved so much money. I highly recommend NCSS for business owners.

Pouya R.
As the Controller of a Real Estate Developer in San Diego, we engaged NCSS for numerous cost segregation studies that resulted in tax savings for the company. We highly recommend this firm not only for their being knowledgeable in the field, but also for their dependability and prioritization of client satisfaction. Thank you for all your hard work!
Natalie Z.

The company I work for has been using NCSS for years and they have been outstanding in their work, always using them when we build a new location. Brandon and Quinette are wonderful to work with!

Arthur M.
I am extremely pleased with the services we received from NCSS. Brandon has already done two cost segregations for us and is currently working on the third. Our accountant is extremely happy with his work. If you are planning to save money, NCSS is truly the company to go with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing services you have provided us.
Mike N.
Very impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of NCSS employees. We had an extremely complex project for them, and they exceeded expectations in every way possible. We will definitely be using again, and would recommend to anyone who needs a cost seg study.
Michael P.
3 years ago I sold my business, and had a substantial gain with a big tax bill. My CPA suggested using cost segregation with NCSS on 2 buildings I had recently purchased. Today I can say without any doubt that we made the right choice. Not only they gave me so much deduction to wipe-out my tax bill that year, but for the next few years to come. I have used them for 3 other projects and will keep using them again.
Kenn P.
I was introduced to Brandon and NCSS by a gentleman who has multiple commercial properties. Prior to this introduction, I had already contacted two other Cost Segregation companies and spent several weeks talking to and interviewing them. I decided to go with two different companies, one of them was NCSS. I have to tell you that NCSS impressed me in every way possible. The professionalism, the timing, the response, and the actual study by NCSS was AMAZING. Working with Brandon was great because he took the time to explain everything about the process. There was no pressure to ‘sign’ the agreement by Brandon, while the other two companies were pushing hard for me to sign. I wish I knew then what I know now. NCSS will get all my future business without hesitation. I’m referring Brandon and his group to all the people I know who pick up commercial properties. Well done, NCSS and thank you!
Clem E.

Very happy to have the services from NCSS. Brandon communicates well and easy to work with. The analysis is very well done and accountant finds it easy to use for tax prep analysis. Continuous followup during and after the work made the process much more for me to get this done. Will use this company again for future properties.

Rajesh B.

Excellent knowledge and services. They showed us how to take full advantage of our tax savings by adjusting the timing of our deductions. We were able to purchase more assets by using the acceleration of our depreciated expenses. Great people to deal with.

Sherry M.
My family has utilized the services of NCSS on approximately 78 properties thus far. It never seems to amaze me how Mr. Buchholzer and his entire team are able to astonish us each and every time with the tax savings they’re capable of delivering, with the same attentiveness, grace and class. They understand the guidelines of the always changing IRS rules and ensure they’re always adhering to those guidelines as they won’t produce a product that will place anyone in jeopardy. Nevertheless, the best insurance policy is that NCSS 100% guarantees full protection for every report they create as they stand behind their work, which was huge for my family. I’ve heard horror stories of other cost segregation companies and am truly blessed to have NCSS on my family’s team. The reports they’ve generated have saved my family tens of millions of dollars in taxes, and we’ve been able to utilize those tax saved dollars to acquire more properties. I felt compelled to write this for all the skeptics or doubters (just like I was when I was performing my first cost seg report) that NCSS is the real deal and once you have them complete one report for you, trust me, you will be a customer for life, hands-down. Be safe and stay healthy.
Sam D.

So incredibly happy to work with Brandon and NCSS. Professional , amazing communication and tax savings better than expected. Highly recommend!

Noah G.
NCSS prepared a cost seg for us in 2020 and we plan on using them again for a new building. Their team was thorough and complete as was the report. Thank you Brandon.
Tracy G.
I am a CPA familiar with how cost segregation studies work but not familiar enough to be able to fulfill all of the requirements on their own. They make it easy for me and my clients to be able to let them know what we want and they can take it from there. They are a great firm to use in conjunction with your CPA.
David H.
Working with NCSS is a great experience. Brandon is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.I would recommend NCSS to my friends. I am planning to use this company on my other property too.
Benny P.
We have utilized the services of National Cost Segregation Services (NCSS) on several assignments. We are pleased with their attention to detail and the the professional documentation NCSS prepared for our projects. We plan to use NCSS again in the future.
David J.
These guys are the real deal! If you don’t know about Cost Segregation and are a business owner………… should! I was skeptical of the concept until I found out that IRS is actually responsible for making reallocation of asset values possible. I was totally happy with the detail they provided after their research. They provided all the entries my accountants needed and after it was all said and done they paid for their fees many times over.

They were always available after the work was done to address questions I had and they even helped me evaluate the tax ramifications of selling after having done a cost segregation study.

They were professional every step of the way. I can’t recommend them highly enough and the service they have to offer.

Grant P.

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