It was a pleasure working with your firm…I know we had lots of qualified property in our facility that your engineer identified thus increasing our benefits from the study. He was courteous, professional and very thorough during the site visit. Your tax manager did a great job as well, researching all of our placed in service dates to our benefit. She also worked very well with our accounting firm for a turn key solution in applying the study. Thank you all for a job well done!
William L., Chairman, Celebration Stem Cell Centre
We hired NCSS to conduct a study on a property in Greater Phoenix. They came in with a very competitive bid on the project – which was a million square foot industrial building. The tax benefits were very substantial. We would recommend their cost segregation services to any property owners looking to increase cash flow and defer tax payments.
Jonathan T., Principal, Tratt Properties
Thank you very much…It is always enjoyable to work with other professionals who want to do what is best for the client and to assist each other in accomplishing the goal.
Joyce T., CPA
I was amazed that a cost segregation study could get me so much additional depreciation and tax savings from owning commercial property. My accountant referred me to NCSS when my business came under IRS audit. We had a previous cost segregation study done through another provider which began to crumble under pressure from the IRS auditor. I hired NCSS to perform a new engineer-based study to replace the old one. After speaking with NCSS, the auditor ‘acquiesced on all parts of the new cost segregation study’! By hiring NCSS to perform a cost segregation study, they were able to get me over $575,000 in additional depreciation above and beyond what the previous cost segregation study had already taken! That resulted in significant tax savings!
Dr. Nathaniel Z., MD, Advanced Fertility Care

“I Love Overpaying my Taxes!” – Said No One Ever