Full Staff In House

We never outsource our services. Some do. Our full staff is in-house ensuring your study conforms to our methodologies and quality assurance principles.

Integrated CPA

Cost seg is a combination of tax law and engineering principles. Our CPA’s and Cost Seg Professionals can meet your most complicated tax demands.

Engineered Studies

Our “Detailed Engineering Approach” to cost segregation undoubtedly produces the most accurate cost allocations, yielding the greatest tax benefits.

No-Loss Record

We currently hold a no-loss record with the IRS and our clients have never had to give a single dime back from our work that has come under IRS scrutiny.

IRS Protection

We provide ongoing IRS protection with every study at no additional charge. We are experienced and can defend our studies and back up the work we do.

Proper Segregation

We break out all Section 1245 (personal) and 1250 (real) property. Our studies list hundreds (even thousands) of line items for all property reallocated.

Rules of the Game

We adhere to the Audit Techniques Guide laid out by the IRS for cost segregation. You can have peace of mind knowing your study is done properly and professionally.

Established Firm

We’ve been conducting studies since 2001, longer than most cost seg providers. Our CPA firm has been around 40+ yrs. Our experience and expertise are #1.

Excellent Support

We love our clients! We work closely with your CPA to apply your study. You will get the best we offer…before, during, and after your study.

National Service

If your property is subject to U.S. Federal Tax Laws, we can provide services to minimize your tax liability. We service all 50 states.

3115 Included

If your property qualifies for catch-up depreciation, we provide the needed Form 3115 at no additional charge.

1031 Exchange

We’re experienced in dealing with properties involved in a 1031 Exchange. We work closely with the CPA in applying the study.

Creative Ideas

We think outside the box and can help generate the best ideas, for you and/or your CPA, to make your cost segregation study as effective as possible.

Well Documented

Once a study is complete, both the taxpayer and their tax preparer get hard and soft copies of the complete study, well documented and easily referenced.


Once engaged, we conduct a site visit on the property. We utilize blueprints, detailed photographs, and measurements to substantiate all of our findings.

Ongoing Services

Our services keep going: Free Projections, Study Revisions, Sample Studies, Multi-Building Discounts, Reference Lists, Hand Delivered Studies…you get the point.

I love overpaying my taxes - Said No One Ever

It was great working with you on projects in the past and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you all for a job well done.
William L., Celebration Stem Cell Centre
[They] worked well with our staff and CPA to make this a great success. The tax benefits were very substantial.
Jonathan T., Tratt Properties
Thank you NCSS for exceeding my expectations.
Nathaniel Z., Advanced Fertility Care

It is always enjoyable to work with other professionals who want to do what is best for the client…

Joyce T., CPA